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Temporary Kitchens 20FT

TJ Hire has a full of set of temporary kitchens in 20FT Shipping containers.

  • Are you preparing a special function in a remote location?
  • Are you rebuilding your existing kitchen?
  • Do you need to keep existing patrons fed whilst carrying out renovations?
  • Or do you feel like running a pop-up restaurant?
  • Have you thought about how you are going to make it happen?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions we have the answer for you.

Common Hallway Feature

When our containers are set up together, one of the features is the common hallway created. It enables you to walk from one container to the other especially if you are using trolleys. In the photo below, I am standing in first container and looking down through 5 containers, just to give you an idea.

Commercial Temporary Kitchens for Aged Care Facility Renovation.

See what Paul Shannahan the Senior Project Manager from Eldercare had to say:

"Eldercare engaged TJ Hire to provide temporary kitchen facilities as part of a significant Aged Care Facility Renewal programme in 2015.

The temporary kitchens were required at two of our larger sites and for several weeks we used them to prepare and serve food to hundreds of residents.

Through the process TJ Hire we very consultative and nothing was too much trouble.

The temporary kitchens and equipment provided, proved to be of a high standard and after sales support was excellent.

We would definitely keep them in mind when a similar job comes up’."

Paul Shannahan
Senior Project Manager

At Eldercare Hendon site we had “Dog Leg” around a tree and some emergency services points on site. With our preparation container we have 5 sets of doorways and we can blank of 2 of the doorways so the containers can be staggered.

“Call us today so we can tailor a solution to solution to suit your needs”

Temporary Kitchen

Temporary Kitchen - complete commercial kitchen

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Cook And Chill

Cook And Chill - 2 x 10 tray combi steamers, a blast freezer

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Temporary Kitchen with Servery Hatch

Temporary Kitchen with Servery Hatch

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Preparation, Dry Store, & Work Station Room

Preparation, Dry Store, & Work Station Room - 2 x prep benches, 4 bays of shelves

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Dishwashing Room

Dishwashing Room - rack conveyor dish washer, and pot washer

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Combination Cool Room & Freezer Room

Combination Cool Room & Freezer Room - 2 rooms in one

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