What sets Adelaide based TJ Hire apart from our opposition is our attention to detail
To supply a quality mobile cool room or freezer that your business can rely on when hiring



Features and benefits


“We want to assist your business by providing quality mobile cool rooms you can rely on”

  • Our rooms are a standard size 8ft x 6ft (2400mm x 1800mm wide)
  • Twice the capacity of a standard 6ft x 4ft cool room
  • With dual shelving both sides
  • 450mm deep shelves
  • Stainless steel panels
  • Emergency release handle to exit from inside
  • Supermarket type refrigeration equipment that handle the 45degc heat
  • Electronic controls with Accurate digital temperature display

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Shelves on both sides for extra storage

2 Fan evaporator

State of the art electronic control to ensure consistent temperature

Quality commercial refrigeration equipment with quick pull down time
450mm (18") deep anti-bacterial shelves

Emergency release safety handle to exit from inside

Freezer rooms available

High tensile padlock with key supplied 


Check out our combination rooms available for hire.


  • Cool room and freezer room all in one 20ft shipping container
  • Walk from the cool room straight into the freezer room.
  • Perfect for maintenance shut downs, floor upgrades, and will go hand in hand with our 20ft shipping containers kitchens
  • Ideal if you have planned maintenance or repairs and you need to keep your cool room, freezer room, and or kitchen operational.


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Trailer mounted combination rooms and freezer room available for hire.





















  • 16x8ft trailer with an intermediate door. Options below
  • Combination Cool Room & Freezer Room
  • Freezer Room & Freezer Room (one large freezer room)
  • Cool Room & Cool Room (one large cool room)
  • External dimensions (from draw bar to end) 7200L x 2450W x 3000H mm
  • Internal dimensions x 2 (each room) 2275L x 2300W x 2000H mm
  • Dual shelving on both sides of each room
  • Now you might think that this large trailer will require a 32amp 3phase power point? “But I don’t have a 3 phase power socket available on site”
  • Don’t worry, we have that covered.
  • We just need 2 x 10amp 240V power points running on their own 16amp circuits breakers and we can run this big boy at your site
  • Temperature range on both rooms +5degC to -25degC can be specified