Features and benefits

What sets Adelaide based TJ Hire apart from our opposition is our attention to detail
to supply a quality mobile cool room or freezer that your business can rely on when hiring.
Our rooms come in one standard size of 8 x 6ft (2400 x 1800mm) internal dimensions
With dual shelving giving you twice the capacity of a 6 x 4ft trailer
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Shelves on both sides for extra storage

2 Fan evaporator

State of the art electronic control to ensure consistent temperature

Epoxy Resin floors for easy cleaning
450mm (18") deep anti-bacterial shelves
Freezer rooms available
Quality commercial refrigeration equipment with quick pull down time

Check out our combination rooms available for hire.


  • Cool room and freezer room all in one.
  • Walk from the cool room straight into the freezer room.
  • Perfect for maintenance shut downs, floor upgrades, and will go hand in hand with our Kitchen.
  • Ideal if you have planned maintenance or repairs and you need to keep your cool room, freezer room, and or kitchen operational.


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2 Door glass display fridges


"Summer and the festive season is here, there a lot of parties and events coming up. Hire yourself a 2 door glass display fridge. And give that party a bit of a wow factor."


If you want to reduce the amount of eskies at your party. Have your drinks on display for you and your guests. If BYO applies to your party guests it's great solution if they don't have an esky or forget to bring theirs.


Keep your food cold, prep up your meat ready for the BBQ. All in the one fridge with your drinks ready to cook and have a cold beer while turning a snag or chop.


Saves you buying ice if you add up the collective spend on ice from yourself and all the guests it's not that much more to hire the fridge. On hot days drinks and food can get wet especially when ice is placed in an open top (non-insulated) buckets or plastic containers. Your items are kept dry, especially drinks are crisp and cold but not dripping with water.


Also great for keeping flowers at 7 Deg C


One day hire for the 2 door glass display fridge is $165 includes deliver and collection in the Adelaide metro area. Then it's $55 per day after the first day. Get in quick as you can as the calendar is filling up fast so don't miss out. Call us on 1800 TJ HIRE (1800 85 4473)



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2 Door glass display fridge